Man In Village People Drag Mocks “Buffoon” Dem House Rep For Wearing “Whacky” Cowboy Hat: “Look At Her”

Esquire reports:

There are few more committed Big Hat Aficionados on the national political landscape than Sheriff David Clarke. The former Milwaukee sheriff has few rivals, apart from public lands freeloader Cliven Bundy—another inexplicably prominent figure in Our National Dialogue. So when Clarke saw a political rival in a big old western hat—and a bright red one, no less—the good sheriff felt the need to assert himself on the issue.

It’s good to see the president’s drones speaking his language. It’s also great to see they’ve inherited his lack of self-awareness. Clarke may think Wilson is “a buffoon,” but he’s the one who wears a bunch of shall-we-say unofficial medals on his uniform to make himself look like a four-star general. Clarke says the ribbons “have very significant emotional and real value to me.”