Junior Complains That Colleges Don’t Teach “Civility”

Lack of self-awareness is a Trump hallmark.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports:

Brought in for the UNT Kuehne Speaker Series, Donald Trump Jr. spent a significant portion of his 30-minute speech admonishing American universities, with a notable exception of those in Texas.

The oldest son of President Donald Trump said Tuesday that universities across the country, and specifically the University of California, Berkeley — and even his own alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania — are reigning in free speech and distorting traditional values while instituting policies of groupthink. He singled out the University of North Texas as increasingly becoming “the exception.”

“A lot of other universities don’t teach civility or intellectual openness anymore,” Trump said, speaking to 800 people seated at white tables on the home turf of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. “They’ve become captive to political hatreds. That’s how innocent questions become verbal assaults.” On campuses afraid to foster independent thought, he continued, universities have turned “traditional” values into “hate speech.”

Junior was paid $100,000 for the speech.