Fox News Host Blasts Trump’s “Erratic Behavior”: You Are Running Out Of Friends, Mr. President [VIDEO]

Uproxx reports:

One of Trump’s current feuds is of course with Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, which was the topic of conversation with Neil Cavuto of Fox News Tuesday evening. Cavuto did not hold back, using his soapbox to speak directly to the president over how his various feuds are going to impact his proposed tax cuts. “I’m talking about your deal, Mr. President, I’m actually talking to you, Mr. President. You’ve got this, and yet, you are losing this,” he said. “It’s not that your ideas aren’t sound, it’s that increasingly this erratic behavior is making me wonder whether you are.”

“Now I know that you say that Senator Corker started all this bad mouthing you, but last time I checked, you are the President of the United States, so tweeting out these tacky insults just seems beneath you,” he continued. Driving the point home, Cavuto said, “You are running out of friends faster than you are running out of time. You might not like Bob Corker, but a lot of senators do, and you need those senators, sir.”

The full rant is really something considering its source.