Former FRC Leader Josh Duggar Loses Privacy Suit Against Tabloid That Broke Molestation/Incest Story

The New York Post reports:

Josh Duggar has lost his lawsuit against In Touch Weekly, Page Six has learned. The celebrity magazine revealed in 2015 that Duggar was accused of molesting his younger sisters—all of whom starred on the hit “19 Kids and Counting” reality show—in 2006 while Duggar and the women were all minors.

In June of this year, Duggar and his sisters separately sued In Touch’s parent company, Bauer Publishing, claiming that the local police had provided In Touch with their names, even though their identities should have been redacted by the cops before being handed over to the magazine.

Duggars sisters Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo and Joy Duggar filed suit in Arkansas in June, and Duggar later joined the suit, making similar claims against the magazine and the police.

The court ruled that it wasn’t the magazine’s fault that police released their names. The Duggars’ suit against the police is continuing.