Former Australian PM Tony Abbott To Again Keynote For Viciously Anti-LGBT US-Based Christian Hate Group

HuffPo Australia reports:

Former Prime Minister and current backbencher Tony Abbott will once again address a controversial American Christian organisation which has been deemed a “hate group” and supports the criminalisation of homosexuality.

The Australian Financial Review revealed on Thursday that Abbott, the member for Warringah, will travel to the United States later this month to deliver a speech to the Alliance Defending Freedom. The ADF has been a vocal opponent of advancing rights for LGBTQ people, including staunch opposition to same-sex marriage. The ADF has also advocated for homosexuality to be relisted as a criminal offence.

Quotes from ADF members posted on the SPLC’s website claim that homosexuality is a “dangerous temptation”, that it is linked to “deviant sexual practices”, and is “intrinsically linked” to paedophilia. The SPLC also details numerous occasions where the ADF has supported various campaigns worldwide to criminalise homosexuality and gay sex.

A spokesperson for Abbott told the AFR that “Mr Abbott is honoured to have been invited by the ADF to reiterate his well-known position that advocates for same sex marriage must demonstrate how – in their brave new world – freedom of speech, freedom of religion and parental choice will be protected.”

As most of you surely know, Alliance Defending Freedom will represent the anti-gay Colorado baker before the US Supreme Court.