THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING: Supplement Sold By Alex Jones Contains 6X Legal Limit Of Lead, Group Says

Newsweek reports:

The Infowars store — “a one-stop shop for the modern conspiracy theorist,” as Charlie Warzel of BuzzFeed once called it—is sort of like the Vitamin Shoppe remodeled by someone who, well, listens a little too closely to Alex Jones. You can find Wake Up America! Coffee (“Patriot Blend”) for the decidedly non-populist price of $17.95 per pound and organic frankincense oil ($19.95), whose “warm and spicy smell” is sure to fend off the New World Order.

But not all of Jones’s offerings are quite as harmless as essential oils or arabica beans. In fact, new research commissioned by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) has determined that two products sold by Jones contain potentially dangerous levels of the heavy metal lead, which is universally known to be harmful to the body.

“The chemical was found in the Infowars Caveman Paleo Formula and the Info Wars Myco-ZX supplements. People who take the daily recommended dose of the Formula product would ingest more than twice the daily limit for lead under California law. People who take the Myco-ZX product would ingest more than six times the daily limit for lead under California law,” a CEH release said. CEH has announced that it has filed “legal notice” against Infowars for violation of California’s law governing public exposure to toxic chemicals.