DC Republicans Continue To Freeze Out Roy Moore

The Washington Post reports:

Roy Moore, the controversial Republican Senate nominee in Alabama, plans to visit Washington this week, according to three Republicans familiar with his plans. But there was no indication he was prepared to reconcile with the establishment GOP forces that expended considerable resources trying to defeat him.

There were no signs that Moore planned to meet or make up with President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., or Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, all of whom backed the Republican he defeated: Sen. Luther Strange. All three currently support Moore, now that he is the party’s nominee.

After contested primaries, it’s customary for the victor to come meet the Senate leader and GOP caucus, usually within a week or so of the primary to demonstrate party unity. But Moore was not on hand at Tuesday’s weekly Republican luncheon, a potential harbinger of lingering bad blood for the establishment’s backing of Strange.

One person that WILL meet with Moore this week is Breitbart head Steve Bannon. These days, that may be all that’s needed.