Breitbart Editor Alex Marlow: If You Want To Survive A Mass Shooting, Maybe You Should Hit The Treadmill

“Regarding running, which we talked a little bit about with Jonathan Gilliam — and I’m a little bit reluctant to use humor at this movement in time because it’s a dark moment but I will anyway. Those of you who listen to the show with some regularity have heard me mention that I’m a horror movie fan. And one of the fun horror movie comedies that’s really great over the last five or six years or so is the movie called Zombieland, where they actually put together a survival guide for how to survive the Zombie apocalypse and rule number one: cardio. Rule number one is cardio. So if you want to survive a major attack, maybe the first thing to do is hit the treadmill a little bit.” – Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, speaking today on their SiriusXM channel.