Anti-Gay Activist Eugene Delgaudio And Supporters Sing About Cake Outside Supreme Court [VIDEO]

We haven’t heard from this whackjob in a while:

Public Advocate lawyers filed an amicus brief to defend an embattled baker. To help dramatize that legal brief we introduce today the Free Cake Baker Squad comprised of cowboys and bakers to ask the public to cowboy up and help rescue the kidnapped Masterpiece Cakeshop baker from the anti-Christian gang,” says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

We sang a country parody song CAKEY BREAKY HEART to the tune of Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart, do a 2 step line dance, and held signs that say “Free The Cake Baker” to promote the religious liberty of all Christians in the federal case now before the Supreme Court, says Delgaudio, age 63.

Lyrics: “Don’t sue my shop / My Masterpiece Cakeshop / I wouldn’t make / A wedding cake for men / If you sue my shop / My Masterpiece Cakeshop / I may never bake / Another cake again.”