White House: Trump Doesn’t See NFL Players’ Protests Against Police Brutality “Through A Racial Lens”

Newsweek reports:

The White House legislative affairs director has insisted President Donald Trump does not see the issue of NFL players kneeling to protest police brutality towards African Americans “through a racial lens.”

Speaking in an interview with Fox News Sunday, Short was asked whether or not Trump was once again on shaky ground over race, following the backlash against his comments over the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in which the president appeared to blame “both sides” for what happened.

“I don’t think he’s re-opening racial wounds, Chris,” Short told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “They have a First Amendment right to do that, but NFL has a right to fire those players,” he added, underlining Trump’s comments made on Friday at a rally in Alabama.

Short’s comments on Trump’s view of the protests come near the end of the clip below.