VIRAL VIDEO: Cursing Trump Fan Goes Hulk Hogan In Failed Attempt To Burn Her Pittsburgh Steelers Gear

Death & Taxes reports:

I honestly don’t know what my favorite part of this WorldStar video where an angry Trump supporter tries and fails to burn her NFL gear is. It’s a rich, comedic tapestry. At first, I thought it might have been the part where she talks about being a Steelers fan in Maryland as if that’s a persecuted class.

Then I considered the part in the beginning where she made it a point to inform the viewer that she didn’t rehearse the speech where she bitches out Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for supporting his team’s staying in the locker room during the anthem.

Of course, it would do this video a great disservice not to mention the part where the lady does a Hulk Hogan impression and tears off her Steelers shirt with dramatic flair — only to reveal a Trump tee underneath.

For me, the best part is how none of her gear would actually catch on fire. So she gives up with a final “Go to hell!” One wonders why she decided to upload such an embarrassing fail.