Tony Perkins: Most STDs Are “Incurable”

Hater Tony Perkins weighs in on yesterday’s CDC report:

The outbreak of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis reached an astounding two million cases last year, “the highest number ever,” according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Unfortunately, this is just another by-product of sexual liberalism that’s coming home to roost in a nation that’s spent the last eight years — not just encouraging, but funding — messages of irresponsibility.

Instead of encouraging morality, Barack Obama used every second of his two terms to promote immorality. And for our libertarian friends the economic burden is nothing to sneeze at. Taxpayers sink almost $20 billion a year into treatments for these infections — most of them incurable, and all of them expensive. Now, sadly, it’s become part of the push for universal health care. The philosophy is simple: live however you want, and everyone else pays the price.

Bolding is motherfucking mine. And while the new CDC report doesn’t address new HIV infections, below is the graphic attached to Perkins’ press release.