Scamvangelicals Command Hurricane Irma “Out To Sea”

Just as they did before Hurricane Harvey, a slew of scamvangelicals have issued last-minute prayers for God to command Hurricane Irma away from the United States. Here’s a few of them.

Landon Schott:

Father, we come to you in the name above every other name, the name of Jesus! We plead the powerful blood of Jesus over Florida and that region! We pray your kingdom come and your will be done in Florida. Father, we come to you as did your servant Abraham. We ask you in the mighty name of Jesus to spare this region for the sake of the righteous! Your righteous servants abide in this region. On behalf of your righteous servants, we ask you to send this storm out to sea. We speak to this storm to go! Leave now in Jesus’ name! Father, we ask you to forgive us of our sin. Forgive us personally and as a nation. Heal our land. We trust you and thank you, Lord. We speak peace in the atmosphere. We speak peace in the hearts and minds of your people. Amen.

Sam Rohrer:

As Jesus Himself prayed while in the Garden just prior to His crucifixion, “Lord let this pass, but if not, may Your will be done.” In the face of all circumstances of life be they blessings or judgment, the Believer’s prayers must follow this same model. The reason is that since God is Sovereign, and since He controls the weather, (either by causing or permitting events to occur), we must look to determining His reason. In the case of our nation where we have rejected the God of heaven, proclaimed His truth to be void and proclaiming evil to be good in so many ways, it should not be hard for us to look to the God of heave and ask of Him how we as a nation should respond.

Matt Lockett:

Father, we ask for divine intervention concerning Hurricane Irma. We ask for help and for resources to be perfectly directed to those already effected. We pray for divine protection for those evacuating and for those sheltering at home in Florida. Lord, restrain lawlessness in the midst of the unrest. Now Lord of heaven and earth, we ask that this storm be directed back out to sea and away from its current path. Let the winds diminish and the threat [be] removed. Release peace to affected areas and be glorified in the process. We pray for many to cry out and find you at this moment.’