Russian Foreign Minister Slams “Revengeful” Obama: After A Year Of Chaos There’s No Evidence Of Meddling

The Associated Press reports:

Russia’s foreign minister says relations with the United States are suffering because the Obama administration was “small-hearted” and “revengeful” and says Moscow has not seen any “facts” that it interfered in the election that brought President Donald Trump to power.

Sergey Lavrov said former president Barack Obama “put this time bomb in U.S.-Russian relations,” which he didn’t expect from a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, “and we can still see the ramifications.”

He told a news conference Friday on the sidelines of the General Assembly’s annual ministerial meeting that Russia’s relationship with the U.S. is “contracting due to Russo-phobic hysteria.”

As for allegations of Russian meddling in last year’s election, he said “current American prosecutors are saying accusation is the king of proof” — but “in about a year of this chaos … we never heard not a single fact.”