Rush Limbaugh: Hurricane Irma Is A Liberal Hoax

Mediaite reports:

Well, it appears that conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is a Hurricane Irma truther. During Tuesday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, the right-wing pundit decided to provide his own personal analysis as residents in the Caribbean and South Florida are scrambling for safety and supplies as the Category 5 hurricane bears down on them.

“The reason that I am leery of forecasts this far out, folks, is because I see how the system works,” Limbaugh noted, adding that this is something you can see in the way “the deep state deals with Trump.”

“So there is a desire to advance this climate change agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it,” Limbaugh declared. “You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don’t even need a hurricane to hit anywhere.”

Limbaugh went on to praise hurricanes as good for the economy, what with all the bottled water sales and rebuilding of homes.