Stone: Trump’s Mismatched Suit Is An Abomination

Roger Stone thinks it’s an “abomination” that Trump wore black pants with a blue jacket for a photo op with Sen. Tim Scott, who visited the White House for an alleged discussion about racism.

Via Mediaite:

Shortly after the meeting, the White House released an image of Scott and Trump in the Oval Office with Trump listening intently as Scott opines. A closer look, however, reveals that Trump took the meeting while wearing a blue suit jacket with black pants.

“An abomination,” Stone told Mediaite. “That’s what it is. We can only assume Kelly is now dressing Trump.” I’m gonna say ouch for John Kelly.

In addition to being one of Trump’s oldest associates and longtime GOP powerbroker, Stone is also a known fashion plate with strong sartorial opinions. He maintains his own blog “Stone on Style,” and is occasionally employed by the Daily Caller as a style editor.