Roger Stone Implies John Podesta Is A Pedophile

Via Mediaite:

Infamous for his dirty-tricksterism, ludicrous statements and gaudy persona, Roger Stone has never backed off from blustery political antics — and casually throwing around accusations of pedophilia are literally just another Tuesday in his life.

In a tweet issued Tuesday evening, Stone called former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta a pedophile, again implying that the Democrat strategist is involved in the made-up child sex ring known as Pizzagate.

In other Roger Stone news, yesterday I was sent a clip in which Stone effectively comes out as bisexual, again, candidly revealing that he is “try-sexual” – adding that he has “tried everything.” Stone has made similar comments over the years.

In 1996 he resigned from Bob Dole’s campaign after his personal ads saying “experienced swingers seek similar couples or exceptional muscular single men” were published the National Enquirer.