Matt Barber’s Site: Christian Members Of The Military Are “Deceived” If They Tolerate Soldiers Of Other Faiths

As regular JMG readers know, vicious anti-LGBT activist Matt Barber used to regularly run columns by open advocates of executing homosexuals and only deleted those columns when we called him out. So it’s no surprise that today he runs a column by someone who literally calls on members of the US armed forces persecute fellow soldiers of different faiths. An excerpt:

Counterfeit Christians in the Armed forces will appeal to the Constitution, and not Christ, and they have no local church home—which means they have no accountability for their souls (Heb. 13:17).This is why so many professing Christian service members will say: “We ‘support everyone’s right’ to practice their faith regardless if they worship a god different from ours because the Constitution protects this right.”

Christian service members who openly profess and support the rights of Muslims, Buddhists, and all other anti-Christian worldviews to practice their religions—because the language in the Constitution permits—are grossly in error, and deceived. Also, is it wrong for a professing Christian service member to say, “I support the rights of all Americans to practice their faith since the Constitution protects their rights?” Absolutely!

The column blathers on for another thousand words to effectively say that only Christians should serve in the military. Oh, but wait – here’s the author’s bio:

Dr. Sonny Hernandez is the Director for Reforming America Ministries. Since 1997, he has served in the Armed Forces, and is currently serving as a US Air Force Reserves Chaplain. He earned a Doctorate from Tennessee Temple University, and is active in public debates on atheism, theological topics, and the Constitution. The opinions expressed here are solely his and do not necessarily represent the views of any government, military, or religious organization. Sonny Hernandez wrote this article as a civilian on his own time on an issue of public interest.

The bolding above is motherfucking mine.

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