Legal Group Demands Probe Into Roy Moore’s Finances Over Undisclosed Income On Senate Ethics Filing

The Daily Beast reports:

Roy Moore, the controversial Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama, neglected to disclose as much as $150,000 in income to federal ethics officials, according to a Daily Beast review of public records.

In filings with the Alabama Ethics Commission, Moore, the former chief justice of the state supreme court, listed between $50,000 and $150,000 in honoraria received last year for various speaking engagements. But in a filing with the Senate Ethics Committee two months later, he explicitly denied having received any payments last year “for an article, speech, or appearance.”

Moore’s Senate disclosure filing also stated that neither he or his wife had any outstanding liabilities last year of more than $10,000. But in his Alabama filing, Moore listed between $150,000 and $250,000 in liabilities owed to a credit union or savings and loan (or a credit card issued by one of them) in 2016.

More from CBS News:

Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore started this week with a resounding win Republican runoff, but faces a new controversy as the week ends. Moore is named in an ethics complaint filed Friday by the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, which wants an investigation into whether Moore violated Senate rules or federal law concerning disclosures about his finances.

The Campaign Legal Center’s letter to the Senate Ethics Committee’s asks that if the committee finds Moore knowingly failed to disclose required information, it should turn the matter over to the U.S. Department of Justice for criminal investigation.

The Moore campaign responds:

“First, the 990 Form, as reported in the Daily Beast story, is a manipulated document. Second, the liabilities Judge Moore disclosed on his Alabama ethics filing were not required to be disclosed on his U.S. Senate filing, which does not require Senate candidates to disclose mortgages on their personal residences. Third, all of the Moore Family’s income and liabilities for 2016 were fully disclosed to the State of Alabama Ethics Commission and the Internal Revenue Service by McGriff Dowdy & Associates, a professional accounting service.”