Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade On NFL Protests: Trump Is Making Things Worse (But Obama Started It)

Uproxx reports:

“Yesterday, I thought the president — overall his remarks Friday and his tweets Saturday — made everything worse,” noted Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade. As damning as Kilmeade’s condemnation here may seem, however, the Fox & Friends co-host tagged it onto a two-minute explanation for why the explosive NFL anthem protests were actually President Obama’s fault. “People should get [it] clear: This did not start with President Trump. This started when President Obama was president. When Colin Kaepernick noticed taking a knee and sitting down during the national anthem. He was asked about it. Others joined him on it. It was extremely controversial.”

Kilmeade recently made national headlines after Jimmy Kimmel called him a “phony little creep.”

Earlier this month Kilmeade compared Confederate monuments to 9/11 memorials.