Ellen DeGeneres: I Won’t Have Trump On My Show Because He’s Dangerous To Me As A Gay Woman

And Teabistan explodes. From the right wing Free Beacon:

Daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres said she would not have President Donald Trump as a guest on her show because she feels he is “dangerous” to the country and the world.

“I would not have him on my show,” she said without hesitation. “You know, he is who he is, and he has enough attention, and he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across… and I don’t want to give him a platform because it just validates him.”

DeGeneres said she only invites people on the show who she feels some sort of admiration for. The talk show host also said she feels he is dangerous for her “personally as a gay woman,” and for the country and world at large. “He is dividing all of us, and I think, I just don’t want him on the show,” she added.

Ellen made similar comments earlier this year during an interview with Matt Lauer.