E.W. Jackson: LGBTs Mock “Gay Sex Causes Hurricanes” Messages Because They Hate True Christianity [AUDIO]

From the far-right CNS News:

Bishop E.W. Jackson, who heads Exodus Faith Ministries in Virginia and is a former U.S. Senate candidate for Virginia, said that liberals constantly seek to mock Christians who view natural disasters as divine punishments and they do this, along with groups like the KKK and the LGBT community because they all share a “virulent hatred of true Christianity.”

“What is the similarity between the Ku Klux Klan and the left?” said Bishop Jackson on his Sept. 12 radio show The Awakening. ” And I’ll include the LGBT community in this. What do they have in common? What do the KKK and the leftists, including the LGBT community, have in common?”

“Are you ready?” he said. “Okay, here is what they have in common: a virulent hatred of true Christianity. A virulent hatred of true Christianity.” “What they really hate is God,”said Bishop Jackson. “They hate God, they hate the Bible and they hate Christianity.”

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