Christian Prophetess Kat Kerr Waves Scepter To Crush Hurricane Irma With “The Authority Of Jesus” [VIDEO]

Hemant Mehta reports at the Friendly Atheist:

For some reason, Christian “Prophetess” Kat Kerr thinks she can stop Hurricane Irma by “taking authority over it” and using her scepter to crush the weather. Because Jesus.

“I make a ruling that storm will leave this area, will leave the coast. I will not tolerate its presence anywhere on the coast of Florida. And I’m commanding it to leave and get back out in the ocean. At the same time, it’ll dissipate. So I command the millibars in that hurricane, you RISE right now. You keep rising, and rising, and rising till the storm will be downgraded, downgraded, downgraded!”

Hemant thoughtfully offers some stage direction: “A light saber would have been more colorful.” The full clip is totally worth a laugh or three.

(Tipped by JMG reader Sashine)