Corey Lewandowski Sued For “Threatening” Neighbors

The Daily Beast reports:

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski cut off his neighbors’ electricity, threatened to use his political clout to make the neighbors’ lives “a nightmare,” and repeatedly stood outside his home with a baseball bat in a “threatening and intimidating gesture,” those neighbors claim in a new legal filing.

In July, Lewandowski filed a $5 million lawsuit against his Windham, New Hampshire, neighbors Glenn and Irene Schwartz, claiming they blocked his access to a path to one of his properties.

The Schwartzes refuted Lewandowski’s claims in an Aug. 10 countersuit, in which they accused Lewandowski of bullying and intimidating them in order to gain access to the lot, where he allegedly planned to build a two-story, six-car garage without their knowledge.

There’s much more about the feud at the link.