CNN Reminds America Of The Times Roy Moore Said That Homosexuality Should Be Criminalized [VIDEO]

CNN’s K-File reports:

Roy Moore, a Republican US Senate candidate in Alabama, said in a 2005 interview that he believes “homosexual conduct” should be illegal. Moore, a hardline conservative Christian and former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, made the comments in an interview with liberal commentator Bill Press on C-SPAN2’s After Words. Moore appeared on the show to publicize a book he had just written about his expulsion from the court for refusing to take down a monument to the Ten Commandments.

During the interview Press asked Moore if he believed homosexual conduct should still be illegal after the 2003 landmark Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas that struck down a state law banning sodomy, rendering similar laws across the country unconstitutional. “Homosexual conduct should be illegal, yes,” Moore answered.

Moore made similar comments in a 2015 video posted on YouTube by user Lone Star Q [below]. In the video, Moore was asked, “Do you still think that homosexuality should be illegal?” “I think homosexuality should be illegal,” Moore said. “Sodomy was declared illegal by the United States Supreme Court in 1987, it said there was no right under the constitution to enlarge the fundamental rights of homosexuals.”

Last week CNN noted that Moore has appeared multiple times on the radio show hosted by “death to gays” Pastor Kevin Swanson.