Christian Site: God Sent Irma To Curse The Disobedient But It’s Not Too Late To Pray The Storm Out To Sea

Last night Charisma News, our favorite one-stop shop for anti-witchcraft tutorials, published a lengthy last-minute how-to on stopping these hurricanes which are sent by God to punish us. The piece is authored by “messianic rabbi” Curt Landry. An excerpt:

If we don’t understand the cause and effect of nature with God, and our responsibilities with the dominion that we have been given through Yeshua, Jesus, then we are without hope to change the atmosphere, our future and our destinies.

The instruction in the Bible makes is very clear that God wants to bless us, but if we don’t follow His instruction we will be cursed. God has promised us that we will abide in safe dwelling places. But in order to abide in safe dwelling places, we need to first abide in Him, just as He abides in us. If we don’t abide in Him or His instruction, then the safety of our dwelling places will be compromised.

The eclipse was a warning from God that He is going to reconcile the United States from Salem to Salem, through seven Salems—He is going to reconcile the remnant to be like Jerusalem. And then there were floods in the heartland of America, followed by Hurricane Harvey entering into the United States via Corpus Christi (the body of Christ).

Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane that came into the United States through Corpus Christi. The number four in Hebrew means “door,” and Corpus Christi, means “the Body of Christ.” So what is being said here is that the battle entered the United States through the open gate of the body of Christ.

Lord, Your Word says that if we sound the trump, You will deliver us from our enemies. And Lord, we have a very specific enemy from whom we need to be delivered, and her name is Irma—a Category 5 hurricane off the East Coast of the United States.

And Lord, we pray that she does not go into the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, or even onto the East Coast. Lord we pray in Yeshua’s name and in the authority that You have given us, that Irma would start heading north and then hook back into the Atlantic, around the Bermuda high-pressure mass and dissipate—because, Lord, You are a just God.