AUSTRALIA: High Court Rules 7-0 That Non-Binding Postal Survey On Same-Sex Marriage Will Go Forward

ABC News reports:

The High Court has ruled 7-0 to dismiss challenges to the Federal Government’s $122 million same-sex marriage postal survey, clearing the way for it to go ahead. The Federal Government welcomed the unanimous High Court ruling, announcing the survey would continue as planned and the final result would be declared by the chief statistician at 11:30am on November 15.

Now that it has been given the green light, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will start sending out ballot papers from Tuesday. Everyone should have received their survey form by September 25. The paper will ask: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Returning the survey and participating in the ballot is optional, but must be returned by 6:00pm on November 7 at the latest in order to be counted. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged all eligible Australians to vote in the survey.