ARIZONA: Democratic US House Rep. Kyrsten Sinema Announces 2018 Bid To Unseat Sen. Jeff Flake [VIDEO]

The Arizona Republic reports:

U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is running for the Senate seat held by Jeff Flake, ending months of speculation about her political future and giving Democrats a top-tier fundraiser with experience on Capitol Hill.

In a video announcing her bid,the Arizona Democrat recounts her upbringing in a family that fell from the middle class into homelessness. She made her way to Congress, Sinema says, with hard work and help from “family, church and, sometimes, even the government.”

So far this year, Sinema has voted in line with the Trump administration’s known preferences 49 percent of the time, according to the website FiveThirtyEight. By that measure, she is the third-most GOP-friendly Democrat so far this year. By contrast, Flake has voted with the administration 92 percent of the time. Seven of the other 51 Republicans in the Senate have lower marks, including Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

Simena is considered by some to be the only openly atheist member for Congress, although she apparently doesn’t care for that title herself. She is also openly bisexual.