Anne Graham Lotz: God Sends Hurricanes, Forest Fires, And Earthquakes To Warn The Rapture Is “Imminent”

Anne Graham Lotz writes for Charisma News:

Within weeks, we have experienced record-breaking fires in the Northwest, record-breaking hurricanes in Texas and Florida and a record-breaking earthquake in Mexico. What is happening? Are these disasters random? Just freaks of nature? Or is something more significant intended? The answer may be found in an incredible biblical story.

God used the earthquake, wind and fire to get Elijah’s attention, because God had something to say. Our situation is so similar to Elijah’s it begs the question: Is God using these storms to get our attention because He also has something to say to us? Yes, He is. What is it? I believe God is saying in essence what He said to Elijah.

Be ready. God gave Elijah another assignment—a purpose. And I believe God has a purpose for us. We need to look to Him and be ready for what’s coming next. Because soon after Elijah’s sensational confrontation with God, he was “raptured.” Taken up into heaven without seeing death. Don’t miss this implied message. Heaven is waiting! Jesus is coming! The signs He gave signal that His coming is imminent.

Last month Graham was among the scamvangelicals who commanded Hurricane Harvey to leave Texas alone in the name of White Jesus. There’s a mixed message in here somewhere.