WaPo Tool Shows You What Trump Sees On Twitter

Ad Age reports:

The Washington Post has done a tremendous job keeping readers abreast of what Donald Trump is up to — in its reporting, of course, but also in the various online tools it’s created.

In December, for example, it debuted the “Trump Tweet Fact- Checker,” which allowed readers to fact-check any of the then President-Elect’s tweets, right on the spot.

Recently, it debuted another useful Twitter-related resource– @Trumps_Feed, an account that lets you see what Trump sees, whenever he opens up his Twitter app.

Noting how along with cable news, Twitter is one of Trump’s primary resources for current events, The Washington Post introduced the tool to help enlighten readers as to how the POTUS forms his world view.

“It can be tricky to know what someone else sees when he or she fires up the application,” writes National Correspondent Philip Bump in the Washington Post intro for the tool.

See what Trump sees on Twitter here.