Unhinged NRA Spox Dana Loesch Threatens To Fist The New York Times: We Are Coming For You [VIDEO]

Vice News reports:

A spokeswoman for the NRA denied threatening to fist the New York Times — which she referred to as an “old gray hag” — in an officially sanctioned NRA video ostensibly promoting gun ownership. In the video, released by the NRA and entitled, “Dana Loesch: We’re Coming For You New York Times,” Loesch, the American conservative talk show host turned-NRA video spokesperson stares straight into the camera and accuses the paper of promoting “propaganda,” “fake news,” and the “constant protection of your democrat overlords.”

Loesch has denied using the word “fist,” saying in a statement that what she actually threatened to do was “fisk” the paper. But adding to the confusion is one of the hashtags appended to the NRA’s tweet containing the video — #ClenchedFistofTruth. And fisk is not a word in the Merriam Webster dictionary. Loesch has since blamed the confusion on Adam Goldman, a reporter for the New York Times for having “an axe to grind.”