Texas A&M Cancels White Supremacist Rally

Slate reports:

A white supremacist rally—organized in the wake of racist violence over the weekend in Charlottesville—scheduled to be held at Texas A&M University on Sept. 11th has been cancelled due to safety concerns, the university announced Monday evening. The event was being billed as a “White Lives Matter Rally” by its white nationalist aligned organizer, Preston Wiginton. The event was being directly linked to the violence in Charlottesville and billed as a sequel of sorts in a press release distributed by Wiginton that read: “TODAY CHARLOTTESVILLE TOMORROW TEXAS A&M.”

The planned white supremacist march on campus in College Station, which far right, neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer was set to attend, sparked outrage online and set up another potentially violent confrontation on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Spencer spoke at a student center at the university to some 400 attendees in December of last year. The speech drew protests on campus, continual interruptions of Spencer’s remarks, and threatened to boil over into violence.