Ted Nugent: I’m A Gay Pirate

We interrupt our weekend of Trump/Nazi news for a bit of fun had at the expense of Ted Nugent, who is apparently furious that he’s never been inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. From the music site Metal Injection:

Proud statutory rapist Ted Nugent has had a long, and inarguably, successful rock and roll career, but one achievement has eluded him: a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. When Albany Q103 host Tigman asked “the Motor City Madman” why that was, he seemed to have an idea.

But the real money quote is when the Nuge was asked how he felt that he is not in the Hall while “non-rock acts” like Madonna and Grandmaster Flash are in the Hall: “I mean, why don’t you just piss on Chuck Berry’s grave, you know what I mean?” stated Nugent, later adding, “Yeah, Grandmaster Flash is rock and roll. And I’m a gay pirate.”

See, he said it! No fake news here. Sure, he may have meant it sarcastically, but we are not ones to judge. Live your best life, Ted!

As you’ll see at the link, Nugent says he’s not in the Hall of Fame because they hate the Second Amendment. And not, you know, because he’s an open racist who never had a hit single or even a top ten album. And he certainly hasn’t been influential on the direction of pop music, as have Hall inductees who also had little commercial success.