Suspended Fox Host Hires Trump’s Former Law Firm For $50M Defamation Suit Against “Dick Pics” Reporter

Suspended Fox News host Eric Bolling has filed a $50 million defamation suit against the Huffington Post reporter who last week cited unnamed sources who told him that Bolling sent them unsolicited dick pics.

According to the reporter, Yashar Ali, Bolling’s suit targets him personally and not the Huffington Post. Yesterday afternoon and again just now Bolling tweeted out denials of the claims and vowed to clear his name.

Politico has more:

On Wednesday, Bolling filed a “summons with notice” in New York State Supreme Court against Ali, seeking $50 million in damages for defamation. Ali must respond within 20 days, demanding that Bolling file a complaint, after which Bolling will have 20 days to file his response before the suit goes forward.

“The nature of this action is for damages and injunctive relief based on defamation arising from the defendant’s efforts to injure the plaintiff’s reputation through the intentional and/or highly reckless publication of actionable false and misleading statements about the plaintiff’s conduct and character. As a result of the defendant’s actions, the plaintiff has been substantially harmed,” the summons states.

Bolling is represented by Michael Bowe from the same law firm as Marc Kasowitz, who was President Donald Trump’s personal attorney until last month. “This anonymously sourced and uncorroborated story is false, defamatory, and obviously intended to destroy this good man’s career and family. We will defend Eric aggressively in court, where actual facts, based on evidence, testimony, and cross-examination, will belie these anonymous accusations,” Bowe said.