Stephen Miller: The Statue Of Liberty’s Welcome To Immigrants “Doesn’t Matter” As It Was “Added Later” reports:

During the White House press briefing this afternoon, White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller had a contentious exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta, calling one of his statements “outrageous,” “ignorant,” “insulting,” and “foolish.”

Miller took the podium to discuss President Trump announcing his support for the Raise Act, which would reduce the rate of legal immigration in the United States. CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked whether the bill is in violation of the United States principle to “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” which is etched onto the Statue of Liberty. Miller dismissed this notion. “The poem that you’re referring to was added later,” Miller said, referring to the Emma Lazarus sonnet.

Later, Acosta questioned the idea of requiring immigrants to learn English before they come to the United States, asking, “Are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia.” Miller subsequently railed against Jim Acosta for this statement. “I have to honestly say, I am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English,” Miller said. “It reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking agree. This is an amazing moment.”