Scamvangelicals Fail To Turn Away Hurricane Harvey

Yesterday a slew of scamvangelicals issued last minute prayers for God to turn Hurricane Harvey away from Texas. Here’s just three of them.

Anne Graham Lotz:

We remember when You watched Your disciples struggling in the storm on Galilee, then walked across the water, climbed into their boat when they called out to You and commanded the wind and waves to be still. And they obeyed! As Hurricane Harvey threatens the Gulf area, we are asking You to look on the residents of the Gulf area. We cry out to You on their behalf. We know that the wind and the waves still know Your voice. Command them to be still. Please. For the glory of Your great name.

From tsunami-stopper Frank Amedia:

I call the intercessors and prayer warriors to declare and decree that the fury of this storm be dissipated. We declare that the apex be diverted, that the turbulent forces of the storm turn upon themselves and the four winds of heaven compress it, suppress and depress it! God of Elijah, declare yourself and show your majesty to all the earth! In the name of the Lord who calms the storm, Jesus Christ be glorified.

Tim Cameron:

Father, in the name of Jesus we go on the offensive against the forces of nature and cry out to you to still the storm and provide safety for all your children. All are your children. In the authority of Jesus, with hearts that are clean, in humility, and in total surrender to you, we take the authority you have handed to us and we say, “Storm be still!” You have told us that is two of us agree on earth concerning anything we ask, it shall be done (Matt. 18:19).