Scamvangelical Kenneth Copeland: America Will Win In Afghanistan Because God Put Trump In Power [AUDIO]

Scamvangelical Kenneth Copeland, who flits around the country speaking in tongues aboard his $20 million private jet, says that America will win the Afghanistan war now that God His Damn Self has put Donald Trump in charge. This, despite Copeland’s February 2016 declaration that Ted Cruz had been “anointed by God” to be president.

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

“Everything changes today,” Copeland said. “I believe with all my heart—and I didn’t hear this from the Lord, I just know this from being around a long time—I believe with all my heart that this is truly the beginning of the end. I really do, because this man has adopted correct procedures.”

“This man has put himself in the hands of God,” he continued. “We’re watching the spirit of God give new birth to this nation and we’re going back to the principles—it’s like going back and dancing with the one that brung ya—I mean he’s going back to the principles of this nation that won every war we ever fought until we changed those principles.”

Skip to the 3:30 minute mark of the second clip below for an on-screen speaking in tongues translation.

RELATED: In December 2015 Copeland revealed that Jesus gave him that multi-million dollar private jet so he doesn’t have to interact with the “dope-filled world” and fly around with a bunch of unsaved “demons.” Seriously.