Right Wing Group Launches $2.5M Ad Campaign To Pressure House Republicans On Tax Cuts [VIDEO]

CNN reports:

A conservative group is launching a major $2.5 million ad buy Wednesday to ramp up public pressure on Republican members of Congress to address tax reform.

American Action Network’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative, a nonprofit funded by House Speaker Paul Ryan supporters, unveiled a new TV ad that will run on national cable throughout the August recess while lawmakers are at home, many of them holding events with constituents.

It will air in 24 congressional districts represented by Republicans — including Ryan’s district in Wisconsin — and will urge constituents to call their representative, whose name and number will be listed at the end of the commercial.

It’s part of a larger $5 million ad buy that the group announced shortly before August, and the group is one of many right-leaning organizations pushing Congress to act on the issue.