Pro-Trump Nazi Site Denounces “Fat Nazis”

Mediaite reports:

In a blog post on the neo-nazi website Daily Stormer, its editor — Andrew Anglin — offered tips to his fellow alt-righters on how to “Dress For Success” and “Be in Good Shape” for their rallies. In the guide, Anglin kicks off by outlining on a number of occasions “priority number one” for Nazis: “We have to be sexy.”

“We have to be hip and we have to be sexy,” he writes. “This means we have to look good, we have to look dangerous, we have to have humor, we have to look powerful and we have to look like we are in control.”

But there’s one pressing concern Anglin sees with today’s Nazis: they’re apparently all pretty fat. That’s why he notes that while “Fat people should be allowed to join groups and be involved in rallies,” the alt-right should “expect them to get it together.”

Anglin and a coalition of other white supremacist groups will be holding a rally tomorrow in Virginia. Police expect clashes with thousands of counter-protesters.