NORTH CAROLINA: Man Claims He Flies The Nazi Flag Because People Keep Stealing His Confederate Flag

North Carolina’s Gaston Gazette reports:

A bright red Nazi Party flag waved in front of Joe Love’s Gaston County residence Sunday afternoon, a day after white supremacists orchestrated a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left three dead and dozens injured.

When cellphone-camera toting neighbor Page Braswell stopped in Love’s Forestway Drive driveway, Love vocalized his interpretation of the flag’s meaning. “This is Nazi fucking America,” he told Braswell, in a brief, expletive-laden discussion.

He displayed the Nazi symbolism earlier this month, he said, after noticing a habit of his other flags getting stolen. “I put three different flags out here, which were all Confederate flags,” he said. “Every one of them got stolen. I put this one up, nobody wants it.”

Love told The Gazette he “doesn’t hate anybody,” that he’s “not trying to wipe out no race.” But after Braswell told him she flies a rainbow flag in support of the LGBT community, Love called the woman a queer and lesbian and told her to go home.

Love claims he “not into Hitler” and points out that the swastika was once a religious symbol in India.