The Mooch: Trump Needs To Fire Steve Bannon [VIDEO]

CBS News reports:

Short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says if it were up to him, top adviser Steve Bannon would be gone from President Trump’s administration. But, he notes, “It’s not up to me.”

Bannon’s position as the president’s chief strategist may be in jeopardy, two sources close to the White House told CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett. There is a growing feeling both inside and outside the White House that Bannon is increasingly falling out of favor with Mr. Trump, with the relationship between the two falling to all-time lows.

One source says that Bannon could be gone by the end of the week, Garrett reports. Scaramucci said he knows Mr. Trump “as a compassionate person,” while reiterating that he thought the president should have spoken more harshly than he did initially of the white supremacists involved in the violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.