Megachurch Pastor Doubles Down For Fox: God Gave Trump The Moral Authority To Kill Kim Jong-Un [VIDEO]

“I wanted to clarify that I believe the Bible, especially Romans 13, does give President Trump moral authority to use whatever force necessary, including assassination or even war, to topple an evil dictator like Kim Jong Un. And I believe the Bible is very clear about that. And while President Trump prefers a diplomatic solution to this problem, he’s been talking about diplomacy for 19 years with North Korea, he’s also willing to do whatever it takes to keep America safe.

“And one thing I know about President Trump after being around him for the last two years is this: unlike his predecessor, when President Donald Trump draws a red line, he’s not going to erase it, move away from it, or back down from it.” – Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffries, doubling down last night for Fox News.