Joe Arpaio Would Really Like You To Stop Calling Him “Racist” Because That Characterization Is “Distressing”

According to tweet posted late this afternoon by the Arizona Republic – the state’s largest newspaper – Joe Arpaio’s legal team intends to put out a plea calling on the media to stop calling him a racist because “he’s been distressed by characterization.”

Take it away, Daily Kos:

“Distressed,” like getting shackled to a bed during childbirth “distressed”? “Distressed” like trying to survive 120-degree heat in Tent City “distressed”? “Distressed” like being called a “wetback” and “stupid Mexican” by Maricopa County officers “distressed”?

“Distressed” like being paraded in the streets in chains because you’re Latino “distressed”? “Distressed” like a judge actually finding you did engage in racial profiling “distressed”? You’re a racist, Joe Arpaio. No pardon will ever change that.