“Firefighter Prophet”: God Personally Gave Me A Secret Prayer To “Jam The Radar” Of Democrats [AUDIO]

“Firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, currently the darling of extremist Christian sites like World Net Daily and a regular on Jim Bakker’s show, who recently claimed that Trump has secretly imprisoned 3000 “elite pedophiles,” says that God His Damn Self visited him in a dream with instructions on how to permanently destroy the Democratic Party.

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Taylor revealed that God had recently given him a prayer that allows him to “jam the enemy’s radar” so that the prayer campaign being waged by his team of spiritual warriors cannot be detected while they repent on behalf off all the states that voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. “We want to ambush the enemy,” he said. “We’re trying to do guerilla-style spiritual warfare.”

Trump’s election was the result of a national prayer and repentance effort, Taylor said, but now God has given him a “blueprint” to guide the effort to remove the demonic “territorial spirits” that control all the states that voted for Clinton. “The blue zones represent depressed areas, the red zones represent the blood of Jesus,” he concluded. “So what we want to do is take those depressed areas, so to speak, and turn them into the blood of Christ.”