Fake News Kingpin Mike Cernovich: The Nazi Rally Was A Federal Trap And Those Involved Are “Screwed”

Right wing troll and fake news promoter Mike Cernovich, who first gained fame for his claims about the power of his “super sperm,” declares today that the Charlottesville rally was a “federal trap” that the Nazis stupidly walked right into with torches illuminating their faces.

Right Wing Watch reports:

“I can’t believe people didn’t know that was a honey pot,” Cernovich told his viewers. “Those torches—why do they want you to carry torches? So they can see your face and take your picture … Every one of you that was at that torch rally—you dumbasses lit your faces up for the Feds. You idiots. The Feds got every one of you.”

Cernovich continued his effort to distance himself from his Alt-Right history by warning his younger audience members to stay away from groups that openly identify as part of the Alt-Right because it will “ruin your lives” and “you’re not even going to be able to get laid.” “Me, fortunately, I’ve been very successful in life and because of that I can afford the drama,” Cernovich said.

“If you are a 22-year-old kid and you don’t have a trust fund,” he continued, “you’re screwed man. I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re not independently wealthy and somebody Googles your name and you have some kind of involvement with this, it’s over dude. It’s over. Your life’s over.”