Dinesh D’Souza: White Nationalism Was Invented By The Democratic Party And Trump Isn’t Hitler [VIDEO]

Media Matters has the transcript:

Trump is arguing for an American nationalism and not a white nationalism. Let’s remember that this whole concept of ethnic nationalism is a left-wing idea. The Democratic Party invented white nationalism and the Democratic Party invented black nationalism.

Now interestingly today, the way that the progressive Democrats have constructed their sort of multicultural totem pole, they encourage every form of ethnic nationalism except white nationalism.

And so they encourage black nationalism and Hispanic nationalism, Asian nationalism. But somehow the white guy is not welcome at the multicultural picnic. This I think actually explains why these white nationalists, who really belong in the Democratic Party, are in a sense politically homeless because if they show up at the multicultural picnic, they’re Satan.

Last week D’Souza was in the White House to promote his book about how leftists invented the Nazi Party.