Brian Brown Claims Credit: Trump Issued Anti-Trans Rules To Pentagon “Within Hours” After We Told Him To

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Late last week we issued a call for our political leaders to give us more than words, but give us deeds when it comes to fulfilling campaign promises to protect people of faith, defend religious liberty and roll back the dangerous agenda of LGBT extremists pushed by President Obama.

Within hours of our action, President Trump moved forward to implement his previous decision to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military and issued definitive rules for the military to follow.

This is exactly the kind of action we’ve been waiting for – not promises that something will happen in the future, but actions to make change happen now.

Please join me in thanking President Trump for his action to protect America’s armed forces from the extreme LGBT agenda by signing our petition to President Trump. You can add you name to those of thousands of others to let President Trump know that you appreciate his actions and have his back on this issue.

In actuality, multiple sources say Trump issued the anti-transgender rules upon the urging of Mike Pence, who in turn had been under heavy pressure from Tony Perkins.