Breitbart Launches Steve Bannon Fidget Spinners

This will totally make up for the still-growing boycott by over 2600 advertisers, right?

The Hill reports:

Major conservative news outlet Breitbart is selling fidget spinners with Stephen Bannon’s face on it, less than a week after the former chief strategist to President Trump left the White House to resume his leadership position at the site. Fidget spinners, a toy that’s gained new popularity in 2017, spin around in users’ hands and fingers.

The orange Bannon spinners have a photo of Bannon and “#WAR” written under him on one side, a reference to a recurring Breitbart motto. The other side features the Breitbart logo. Breitbart’s website promises that the Bannon toy will spin for two minutes. The website’s online store offers a single spinner for $7.95.