Birther Loons Lavish Praise On Trump Over Joe Arpaio

Miranda Blue reports at Right Wing Watch:

Jerome Corsi, the former WorldNetDaily writer who was one of the primary drivers of the birther conspiracy theory, blasted critics of the pardon as “ELITE GOP GLOBALISTS Anti-Trump.”

Corsi now works at Alex Jones’ Infowars, where he has been advocating Arpaio’s case. Arpaio recently thanked Jones and his staff for helping to influence Trump in his decision to issue a pardon.

Pioneering birther Orly Taitz wrote on Twitter that Trump should keep up the momentum and preemptively pardon Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort in order to “end” the investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russia.

Sandy Rios, an American Family Association official and radio host who has questioned Obama’s birthplace, said on her radio program this morning that Arpaio is “a wonderful man” who was the victim of “a political set-up.”