2500+ Advertisers Have Now Dropped Breitbart

The Independent reports:

More than 2,500 advertisers have reportedly stopped advertising on right-wing news website Breitbart News in recent months, underscoring the swelling power of a grassroots campaign to boycott the platform, especially amid escalating political tensions in the US.

According to a tweet by Sleeping Giants, a campaign group aiming to pressure companies into cutting ties with media they deem to be racist or sexist, the number of advertisers that have ceased advertising is “climbing towards 2,600”.

Amid the advertiser exodus, Sleeping Giants has repeatedly urged e-retail giant Amazon to cut advertising ties with Breitbart, a move that many of the company’s employees appear to support. Amazon is not believed to have a direct relationship with Breitbart but it does select the exchanges through which it buys ads, which implies that it would have a degree of control over how they are targeted.